Welcome to Cascadia

You're a new immigrant to Cascadia seeking opportunity in the fabled Land of Hope to prove your mettle and make your fortune, but somebody is trying to destroy Cascadia's economy and take you down with it.

Will you thrive or merely survive?

Cascadia is a game of financial espionage that requires skill, luck, and perserverance.


Someting sinister is at work in the Land of Hope.

Can you integrate yourself in the powerful political and financial networks to uncover the dark secrets just beneath the surface?


Making it in the world isn’t easy.

Despite its reputation as an oasis, Cascadia can be a tough place to get by with shadowy figures waiting to take advantage of you at every turn.


Money talks.

You’ll have to amass a fortune to open the doors you need to

Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

Explore the weird world of the Empire Universe and explore one of the world’s most fascinating nations: Cascadia.

Choose your path

You can choose to start your journey as a refugee or as an immigrant.

Refugees come with only the shirt on their backs.

Immigrants have more resources at their disposal so they have an easier time succeeding.



  • Start with $25,000
  • Requires less effort
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