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What is the Empire of Australia?

Interactive live events. Gripping streaming series. Terrifying feature films. Captivating games.

The Empire of Australia is all of this and more.

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Sarah Taylor

She lives with a menagerie of animals that would make any zoo jealous—and they all seem housebroken. Her father was a famous physicist who died in a freak accident. Her mother lives in an insane asylum and swears Sarah is an impostor. Absolutely nothing about Sarah is what you would expect nor is anything what it seems.

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Eleanor, Empress of Australia

She sits atop the throne of the world’s most powerful empire. Her navy patrols the oceans while her army marches around the world. But something isn’t right in the Empire of Australia and there are enemies inside and outside waiting for the right moment to destroy her.

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Toshe Marinos

He started the world’s most-valuable company, Paralux, with his best friend. But that friend went made and died in a freak accident. In the years since Toshe Marinos has acquired few friends and many enemies. It’s lonely atop the world’s most terrifying technology company.

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The Black Rabbit

The legends date back at least 3500 years. And every story ends in despair. Is he a god? Is he an alien? Is he even real? One thing is certain, there is evil in the world but even evil enjoys a good song.

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Run, Liliyet

She was a noble turned refugee turned con artist living life fast and dangerously to send money home to her destitute family…

Then one day she received a warning that would upend her life and send her running. But who sent the warning and what did they want?

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