Bizarre Experiences Recounted at Cascadian Bed & Breakfast

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Bizarre Experiences Recounted at Cascadian Bed & Breakfast

Bizarre Experiences Recounted at Cascadian Bed & Breakfast

Olivia and Marshall Traeger have had their fair share of strange guests at Gentle Cushion, their Cascadian bed and breakfast business, over the last twenty years. Still, nothing comes close to what they have experienced in the previous few months.

According to the Treagers, and a few guests who remain anonymous, every night at 11:33 pm, rooms begin to shift within the home. “I got up to use the bathroom, and when I opened the door, I was looking at the closet,” said Olivia. “I yelled out, ‘Marshall! Marshall!’, I honestly thought I was having a stroke!”.

And that was just the beginning. After a few nights of the revolving architecture, strange beings began to infest their home. “Well, they’re shiny. Our height. They look like us. No clothes though”, said Marshall. He accounts that these beings could be found eating out of the fridge, sleeping in the guest bedrooms, and even watching television. While the Traeger’s advertise Gentle Cushion as a home away from home, they didn’t mean for it to be taken literally. 

“When I came down to breakfast, this thing was eating my berry and granola parfait. At first, I was mad, but it seemed happy I guess”, said an anonymous guest.

While the Traeger’s have no intentions of closing doors, they’re determining the value of re-branding. “It’s not every day you can meet someone new, especially an alien or whatever the hell these things are.” More to come.

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